Branding 4 Success, LLC. assist clients in taking control of their image and reputation by unleashing the power of personal branding. Through our replicable system, you will create a powerful personal brand  to articulate your unique value, live authenticity and stand out. We show you how to increase your influence and social footprint to earn more, lead more and win more.


Our mission is to help clients Unleash the Power of Personal Branding to achieve Joy and Success


In the digital age, the brand you build around yourself is perhaps the most important way to stand out. Today it is all about the relationship you have with others, online and offline. Personal Branding is the intersection between perception and reality and you, as the entreprenuer of your brand, must own it. If you don’t tell your story, someone else will, and that is risky.

Branding 4 Success helps you lead with your voice and unlock your potential and influence by creating and maximizing a powerful personal brand.


Yolanda Smith is a personal branding expert and author available to book for keynote speeches, masterclasses and coaching sessions!


Connect with me at yolanda@yolanda-smith.com

Mentoring Moments: 14 Remarkable Women Share Breakthroughs to Success

An anthology like no other. Each of these remarkable women share challenges and issues they overcame that ultimately led to successes in their career and personal lives. We provide mentoring moments to help other women who may have similar challenges.

In my chapter, I share how you can unleash the power of Personal Branding to live a life of joy and success. I hope you will find inspirtion in these stories.
Yolanda M Smith

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Speaker | Author | Masterclass Facilitator | Coach

Dynamic Speaker and Coach! Yolanda's energy is very engaging and her passion is contagious. She is called the "Brandtherapist of Personal Branding" and enjoys public speaking, facilitating Masterclass workshops, and providing individual coaching to inspire others through practical solutions to achieve their personal best.
Her partial client list includes Eli Lilly and Company, National Leadership Consortium (NLC), Morehouse School of Medicine, Eye for Pharma, HBA, Girl Talk, Inc., Patients as Partners and the BDPA.

“Through Personal Branding, you control how others see you.”

Yolanda Smith


  • Lisa M.
    “Yolanda helped me develop the confidence to bring my Authentic self to everything I do! It was an incredible breakthrough. ”
    Lisa M.
  • M.L.
    “Yolanda did a great job presenting on “Creating Your Personal Brand.” I learned a lot that I can use and share. I mentor.”
  • E. Walton, CEO
    “So inspiring and motivating! Yolanda has the “it” factor and engages the audience with real world practical advice on Personal Branding.”
    E. Walton, CEO
  • Sara R.
    “Seriously, one of the most immediately impactful classes I’ve taken since joining Lilly/Elanco.”
    Sara R.
  • L.L.
    “Yolanda Smith was full of fire and passion on Personal Branding”

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