We offer you the opportunity to achieve your highest potential. Branding 4 Success, LLC. assists you in identifying key strengths that help define you and your uniqueness. By navigating through a series of activities, you uncover the Authentic you, your Value to others, your Passion and discover what Differentiates and sets you apart.

Mentoring Moments: 14 Remarkable Women Share Breakthroughs to Success

An anthology like no other. Each of these remarkable women share challenges and issues they overcame that ultimately led to successes in their career and personal lives. We provide mentoring moments to help other women who may have similar challenges.

In my chapter, I share how you can unleash the power of Personal Branding to live a life of joy and success. I hope you enjoy the reading.

Yolanda M Smith

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Keynote Speeches

Yolanda Smith is the founder of Now You See Me: Branding 4 Success who enjoys Public Speaking, Facilitating Workshops, and providing individual consultation, to inspire others through practical solutions to achieve their personal best.

“Through Personal Branding, you control how others see you.”

Yolanda Smith


  • Lisa M.
    “Yolanda helped me develop the confidence to bring my Authentic self to everything I do! It was an incredible breakthrough. ”
    Lisa M.
  • M.L.
    “Yolanda did a great job presenting on “Creating Your Personal Brand.” I learned a lot that I can use and share. I mentor.”
  • E. Walton, CEO
    “So inspiring and motivating! Yolanda has the “it” factor and engages the audience with real world practical advice on Personal Branding.”
    E. Walton, CEO
  • Sara R.
    “Seriously, one of the most immediately impactful classes I’ve taken since joining Lilly/Elanco.”
    Sara R.
  • L.L.
    “Yolanda Smith was full of fire and passion on Personal Branding”

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